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Universidad de Sevilla EXC
Sevilla, Spain (Outgoing Program)
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65%; Credit
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Postgraduate coursework, Postgraduate research, Undergraduate
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Arts and Social Sciences
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Exchange Semester/Year
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Location: Seville
Year established: 1505
Student population: 76,400
A traditional university with more than 500 years of experience, the University of Seville (US) is the main public university in Andalusia and is highly ranked for the quality of its teaching, research and campus. It is committed to public service and contributing to the progress of society.
An integral part of the cosmopolitan city of Seville, the University has an extensive but tightly knit community. Its campus is an international Campus of Excellence, with facilities that are continuously growing and modernising, and it’s committed to new technologies and communication – all new students get a laptop. It has an extensive cultural heritage collection, with a range of works on display that would put some museums to shame. It organises numerous cultural events throughout the year, including dance, visual arts, cinema and competitions, has 80,000 m2 of sporting facilities, and uses its international activities to interact more closely with Seville.

Unique characteristics
The University offers a broad range of programs and has more than 120 departments and 30 centres.
With year-long sunshine, beautiful architecture and a vibrant soul – think Flamenco and Spanish festivals – Seville is an exciting city. It’s said to have been established 3,000 years ago by Hercules and is one of the oldest cities in Spain. Some of the highlights include wonderful cathedrals, delicious paella and an incredible nightlife. It’s also cheaper than Madrid and Barcelona. 

Spain - U de Sevilla - Bldg

Academic Information

Course Catalogue 
Information about units of study at the host university

Subject Area/s: The Universidad de Sevilla offers courses across Arts and Social Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Science, Health Sciences and Law. Consult the full list of study areas at undergraduate and graduate level on the host university website.

Restrictions: Some courses may have enrolment quotas. Students must take at least 50% of their studies from one study area.
Teaching Periods: Semesters/Terms
Semester 1: September- January
Semester 2: February - June

Credit (Full-Time Load/Semester)

University of Sydney

Host University



The above full-time load is indicative only.
Applications for academic credit are assessed by the relevant University of Sydney faculty/department based on: study load, contact hours, assessment requirements and level of study.

Grading System
With honours (A+) – 9-10
Outstanding (A) – 9-10
Above Average (B) – 7-8.9
Pass (C-D) – 5-6.9
Fail (F) – 0-4.9

Transcripts Issued by Partner
Transcripts will be available at the end of your exchange period.

Spain Sevilla


Language of Instruction
Classes at the host university are taught in Spanish. Language requirements are set by each faculty.
Language Requirement
Spanish language courses are available to exchange students. 

Spain Sevilla


What is the host city like?
Find out more information about the host city.

Housing options are offered by the host university.
Cost of Living
Use this guide to estimate living expenses associated with studying overseas.

Students are required to obtain health insurance valid during their exchange.

Spain Sevilla

Useful Information

For Exchange/International Students
Specific information for exchange students provided by the host university - the Guia del estudiante is very detailed and informative!
Semester/Term Dates
Access the University’s calendar.
See the information provided by the Welcome Office

Support Services 
A range of support services are available to students at the host university (in Spanish)

Information from the host university (in Spanish).
Information from the Spanish Embassy.

Spain Sevilla

Student Experiences

Be the first to tell us about your experience in Sevilla!

Spain Sevilla

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