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  • Locations: Sydney, Australia
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  • Restrictions: Sydney applicants only
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Program Details:
Program Details:
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Program Description:

This Academic Approval Form is for students who have been nominated to participate in a semester or year exchange program.

Once you have been nominated by Sydney Abroad to your host university, please use this form to request academic approval for the units of study you intend to take at your overseas host university. You must obtain academic approval from your Faculty for the units of study you enrol in overseas, in order to receive credit upon successful completion of your studies abroad.

Before you submit the
Academic Approval Form you must:

  • Select a full time load of units at your host university, as well as alternative units in case that those you prefer are not approved/become unavailable.
  • Obtain unit of study outlines/syllabi from your host university for each unit you are requesting approval for (including alternatives).

Once you have done this, you should:

  • Complete and submit the Academic Approval Form, along with the unit of study outlines, to Faculty Services (Mobility), as soon as possible after you have been nominated to your host university.
  • Please email Faculty Services (Mobility) at
  • NB: If you are an Engineering or IT student, you will need to first request academic approval from the relevant adviser within your School before sending the completed academic approval form to Faculty Services (Mobility).

What happens next:

  • Your academic approval request will be processed by the Faculty Services (Mobility) team.
  • Faculty Services will email your University of Sydney student email address to advise of the outcome of your academic approval request.

During your exchange program, you will remain enrolled at the University of Sydney as well as also being enrolled overseas at your host university. You are required to complete the equivalent of a full time study load on exchange. At the University of Sydney, you will be enrolled in generic 'Exchange' units. However, you will not be able to enrol yourself into these Exchange units. 

You should complete the enrolment task your exchange semester via Sydney Student as normal, and the Faculty Services team will manually enrol you into Exchange units prior to the Census Date. It is your responsibility to ensure that your enrolment is correct prior to census date, and during your exchange semester.