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Virtual Semester Exchange

Participating in a Virtual Semester Program is an exciting opportunity to gain personal, academic and employability skills with a cross-cultural perspective!  Virtual programs enable you to gain the valuable skills that you usually develop through international experiences without the associated costs that a trip overseas can bring. 

Applications for the Semester 2, 2021 Virtual Semester Program are open now

Available Virtual Semester Exchange Programs

The below list will be continually updated as new programs become available.  Note: The University of Hong Kong (HKU) Virtual  Semester Exchange Program deadline was 19 March 2021.  As it is now past that date, the HKU program has been removed as an option.
Virtual Semester Program Deadline to submit application to Sydney Abroad Partner information (external website)
Tecnologico de Monterrey 30 April 2021 Tecnologico de Monterrey
Universidad Pontificia Comillas  30 April 2021 Universidad Pontificia Comillas 
APRU VSE Program 30 April 2021 APRU VSE Program

Late applications cannot be considered. Give yourself plenty of time to complete and submit the application on time. 

Students participating in the Virtual Semester Program will study 1-2 units at one of the available virtual semester programs and will continue with 2-3 units of the usual USYD semester enrolment (studying the usual full-time study load - normally 24 credit points) in total during the semester.

Time Zones
Check out this time zone calculator to determine if online courses at the available programs will work for you. 

Steps to applying

  1. Submit the Sydney Abroad Application by the relevant deadline listed above.
  2. If eligible and endorsed for the program, you will be nominated to and directed to apply to your specific program.
  3. Apply for Academic Approval with the University of Sydney.  
  4. Finalise your enrolment and commence the Virtual Semester Program.


To be eligible for the Virtual Semester Program you need:
  • a weighted average mark (WAM) of at least 50
  • to have completed at least 24 credit points of study at the University of Sydney
  • to be meeting your academic progress requirements.

Help and advice

Further information: