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Short-term Overseas Programs (Dec-Feb)

Summer Break Programs (December – February)

Participating in a Short-Term Summer Break Program is an exciting opportunity to experience different cultures, languages and lifestyles during the end of year University break. We have a fantastic range of Exchange and Non-Exchange Programs available to students during this period.

Programs are OPENING FOR APPLICATIONS on a rolling basis. Please continue to check the page. If you have registered your interest in a program you will receive an email notification once the program is accepting applications. Program application and payment deadlines vary by individual program. Ensure you take note of the application deadline for the program you wish apply to once it is open. You can submit applications for up to two programs and must rank these in order of your preference i.e. first and second.

Click on the links below to review the program details. When you have chosen your program(s) click on 'How to Apply' within the individual brochure page.

China Fudan University - International Winter Session Non-exchange Not accepting applications for 2019/2020 Summer Break
Shanghai Jiao Tong "Summer School" December-January Session  Non-exchange Apply Now
Sophia University January Session in Japanese Studies Non-exchange  Apply Now
Waseda University Winter Session Non-exchange  Apply Now
South Korea Korea University International Winter Campus  Non-exchange  Apply Now
Winter Abroad at Yonsei Non-exchange  Apply Now
Taiwan NTU Plus Academic Winter Program Non-exchange  Apply Now
The Americas
Canada University of Alberta International Winter Program Non-exchange Apply Now
Chile Universidad de los Andes 'GO UANDES' Spanish Program Non-exchange Apply Now
Mexico Tecnologico de Monterrey iWinter MX Program Exchange & Non-exchange Apply Now
United States of America US Studies Centre Washington DC internship program - click this link to view the information on the US Studies Centre website! Applications for this program are organised by the US Studies Centre and close on Tuesday, 27 August
Third Party Providers (Worldwide)

Applying to a program that is not listed on the Global Mobility Database?
You can apply to an overseas study program to complete during the semester break even if it is not listed on the Global Mobility Database and still take advantage of the support available to you as a University of Sydney student. By registering your short-term program you will become part of a supported framework that provides you with advice about academic credit, University student travel insurance, available funding options, and pre-departure support.
Short-term Program Registration (BYO)
Short-term Programs
  Exchange Non-exchange
Tuition fees Pay to Sydney only Pay to Host only
Program fees Pay to Host only Pay to Host only
Enrolment At Sydney and Host At Host only
Academic credit Required Optional
For more information on Short Term Programs and the types of programs available click here