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Short-term Overseas Programs (Dec-Feb)

Summer Break Programs (December – February)

Participating in a Short-Term Summer Break Program is an exciting opportunity to experience different cultures, languages and lifestyles during the end of year University break.

The following programs were promoted by Sydney Abroad in the December 2019- February 2020 summer term. 

The Americas
Third Party Providers (Worldwide)
AIM Australia Visit the AIM Overseas website here Non-exchange
CISAustralia Visit the CISaustralia website here Non-exchange
Hacker Exchange Visit the Hacker Exchange website Non-exchange

Applying to a program that is not listed on the Global Mobility Database?
You can apply to an overseas study program to complete during the semester break even if it is not listed on the Global Mobility Database and still take advantage of the support available to you as a University of Sydney student. By registering your short-term program you will become part of a supported framework that provides you with advice about academic credit, University student travel insurance, available funding options, and pre-departure support.
Short-term Program Registration (BYO)
Short-term Programs
  Exchange Non-exchange
Tuition fees Pay to Sydney only Pay to Host only
Program fees Pay to Host only Pay to Host only
Enrolment At Sydney and Host At Host only
Academic credit Required Optional
For more information on Short Term Programs and the types of programs available click here