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Open Learning Environment: In-Country Experience

In-country OLE

(as at Monday 15 June 2020 12:00pm)

Coronavirus (Covid-19) – The University of Sydney, Sydney Abroad, the School of Languages and Cultures (SLC), and our Host Partners are acting upon the travel ban imposed by the Australian Government and the travel restrictions by the University of Sydney. As per University requirements, we have cancelled our programs for the Winter and Summer Breaks in 2020/2021.

If you require more information please consult the University's Coronavirus information page and Smartraveller website.
Learn a new language overseas as part of your degree.

The University of Sydney’s School of Languages and Cultures (SLC) offer In-Country Experience units within the Open Learning Environment (OLE) to enable you to experience language and cultural immersion. Our units are designed for beginners with little to no prior knowledge of a language.
You’ll gain 6 credit points for successfully completing an online module, attending a compulsory pre-departure workshop and completing your assessment tasks. You will undertake formal language classes at your host university and cultural activities such as visits to museums, theatres and memorial sites.

Destinations and dates
Please Note: All destinations and dates are subject to Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Travel Advice and University requirements and may be cancelled based on travel warnings and/or travel bans.
Language Country Unit of study Applications open 9am* Enrol by** Travel date^
Arabic Jordan OLES2151 3 August
13 November January 2021
Chinese China OLES2137 3 August
19 October December 2020
French France OLES2147 3 August
19 October December 2020
German Germany
OLES2139 24 February
25 May July 2020
German Germany
OLES2139 3 August
19 October December 2020
Italian Italy
OLES2143 Experience Italy (Padua) Virtually in July 2020 2 June
10 July Remotely in July 2020
Italian Italy
OLES2143 3 August
13 November January 2021
Japanese Japan OLES2153 3 August
19 October December 2020
Korean Korea OLES2145 3 August
13 November January 2021
Spanish Spain OLES2149 24 February
25 May July 2020
*Earliest possible opening date subject to confirmation with host partner university. All dates are subject to confirmation with the host university. Dates in 2020
**Dates based on last day to add a unit of study for 2020 Intensive June (S1CIJN), Intensive July (S2CIJL) Intensive November (S2CINO) and Intensive December (S2CIDE)
^See program dates below for units currently on offer

Important information: Applying for a unit
1. Read our OLE In-Country Experience Application Guide (pdf, 134KB)

2. All OLE In-Country Experience units are designed for students with no prior knowledge of a language. Please do not apply if you have studied the language; we strongly encourage you to check out our other units to expand your linguistic and cultural horizons.

3. All applications must be made through the Global Mobility Database instead of Sydney Student. Applications received through Sydney Student will automatically be declined.
4. Do not apply unless your degree resolution and progression allows you to enrol into an OLE In-Country Experience unit. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are eligible to enrol. Refer to the handbook for your degree resolutions based on the year of your enrolment (see the handbook archive for enrolment years prior to 2020), and find out how to check your academic progress.

5. Once your application is approved, you must pay the Cultural Activity and Incidental Fees within one week of your approval date.
a) For OLES2153, the Fee, $400, charged by Rikkyo University, is non-refundable/non-transferable. (Cancelled: OLES2153 Experience Japan in December 2020)
b) For all other OLES, the Fee, $400, is non-transferable. The Fee will be refunded, after the Census Date, upon successful completion of the Unit. The Fee is not refunded if you do not enrol and/or if you withdraw for any reason. (Cancelled: OLES Experiences in Winter and Summer Breaks in 2020/2021)

6. Your study and associated travels are undertaken at your own risk. It is your responsibility to arrange a comprehensive travel insurance policy for any personal travel(s) other than the pre-approved program. If you are approved by the University of Sydney to participate in an OLE In-Country Experience unit, you will be covered by the University's Student Travel Insurance Policy. This is a complementary policy to cover you for the duration of your University of Sydney mobility experience. For information about travel insurance, see our student insurance page.

7. It is your responsibility to arrange, book and pay for your own flights, visa and accommodation*. Each student will be responsible for all costs of travel, transportation, meals, outings, books and any other incidental costs or expenses whatsoever arising out the OLE In-Country Experience unit. Neither the host institution nor University of Sydney will be liable for such costs.
*See the 'Finances' tab of each OLE In-Country Experience unit page for specific details or contact your Unit of Study Coordinator for more information.
8. Upon acceptance, you must enrol on Sydney Student where you upload your Departmental Permission Letter from the School of Languages and Cultures as documentation of approval.

9. To be awarded 6 credit points, you must meet the requirements of the program including:
- All online modules and assessment tasks (before, during and after attending the host institution)
- Attending the pre-departure session
- Being fully enrolled on Sydney Student.
December OLE Intensive Units count towards Semester 2
January OLE Intensive Units count towards Semester 1

Before you apply, please read:

Unit available: July 2020 (Closed)
Enrol and Study remotely in Intensive July (S2CIJL)
Program Details Host institution Move-in date Program commencement Program completion Move-out date
OLES2139 Experience Germany
University of Bamberg 28 June 29 June 10 July 11 July
OLES2143 Experience Italy (Padua) Virtually in July 2020
University of Padova N/A 29 June 10 July N/A
OLES2149 Experience the Spanish-Speaking World
University of Valladolid 28 June 29 June 10 July 11 July
Note: Places are very limited. The number of places available varies by destination. The deadline will close (earlier) once the maximum number of students has been formally accepted by the host institution.
Applications are on a first-come-first-served basis, so apply early!
Units may be cancelled where there are insufficient enrolment numbers.
Reminder: It is your responsibility to ensure that the OLE unit is allowable in your degree. You should not apply unless you have checked your degree resolution and progression as the Fee is non-refundable/non-transferable.

Student experience: Photos and videos
Check out what it's like to go on an OLE In-Country Experience unit! For more information about the Open Learning Environment: In-Country Experience, read: OLE In-Country Experience Application Guide (pdf, 134KB)FAQs (pdf, 133KB)Important contacts (pdf, 139KB); and, Important terminology (pdf, 131KB) before emailing
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