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AIM Overseas Robotics Real-Life Applications Riga Short-term Study Abroad
Riga, Latvia (Outgoing Program)
Program Terms:
Program Terms: Summer (Dec - Feb)
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Restrictions: Sydney applicants only
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Program Details:
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Program Description:
Program Description:


Robotics: Real-Life Applications of Intelligent Designs

Location Riga, Latvia
Program dates January 6 2018– February 3 2018
Application deadline 15 September 2017
Duration 4 weeks

Host: Riga Technical University (RTU)
Provider: AIM Overseas

AIM Robotics Riga Latvia ST

Program Description
AIM Overseas is pleased to offer the newly developed Robotics: Real-Life Applications of Intelligent Designs program taught by Riga Technical University (RTU) in Latvia. RTU welcomes students with a wide range of interests and the program incorporates multiple disciplines such as project management, design, electronics and programming!
Nowadays, we cannot imagine a world without humans and robots interacting. Artificial intelligence has become an integrated part of our lives. Not only have robots improved our way of life, they have also become greater utilised for more complex tasks and are given more complex responsibilities.
Students in the Robotics: Real-Life Applications of Intelligent Designs program will develop their very own functional robot and learn about the processes that are involved in the development, design and construction of the robot. The course will provide students with hands-on and practical experiences such as Computer and Robotic System design, Technical Graphics, Artificial Intelligence, Robot Systems Modelling and Microprocessor Controllers.
This program takes a multidisciplinary approach with incorporated teamwork, so that students are able to successfully and efficiently reach their end goal, which is to create a functional robot.
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Academic Information

Language: Classes are instructed in English.
Relevant subject area: Engineering, Science
Academic credits: 8 ECTS
General conversion: 7.5ECTS = 6CP Sydney credits

Once you have applied to AIM Overseas they will provide you with the full course syllabus so that you can submit this to your faculty for academic credit assessment.

Useful Information 

Local Overview
Latvia is a tapestry of sea, lakes and woods, with vast unspoilt parklands. Having been invaded by almost every regional power, Latvia has more cultural layers and a less homogenous population than its neighbours. Latvians consider themselves the most artistic of the Baltic lot, and this is shown through the myriad of festivals.

Riga, the capital of Latvia, is the gateway to the whole of the Baltics. Included on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage list, its location is central to the country, on the South Coast of the Gulf of Riga, and is at the mouth of Latvia’s largest river, the Daugava.

Riga is also known as the pearl of architecture – a city in which one can in one place the churches that were built at the city’s very origin, the medieval buildings of the Old Town, plus unique Art Nouveau examples, as well as wooden architecture which has survived for centuries.
Accommodation is provided at Riga Technical University’s Kipsala Campus. The campus is located in close proximity to the faculty buildings, downtown Riga and a large shopping mall. The dormitory includes internet, bedding, linen and towels. 


Program Fee: $3890 (TBC) AUD
Program fee includes: 
- Tuition
- Accommodation
- Practical Labs
- Site visits
- Cultural activities
- AIM Overseas pre-departure service and support

Other costs:  Airfare, travel insurance, meals, personal expenses.
OS-HELP loans may be available to eligible students enrolled in a Commonwealth supported place where the program is approved for credit prior to departure. Application required.

How to Apply

Application instructions for Dec-Feb 2018/2019 programs will be provided later this year. Applications are currently open for Jun-Aug 2018 programs!

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