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  • Program Terms: Semester 1, Semester 2, Year (Sem 1 & Sem 2), Year (Sem 2 & Sem 1)
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  • Restrictions: Sydney applicants only
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Program Description:

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Study in Japan – Semester Exchange Program
(2018 NCPSEM Semester in Japan)

Students should apply for the Semester Exchange Program and include one or more of the eligible NCP Mobility Program host locations in their preferences. Once nominated to a partner university, all eligible applicants will be considered for the available NCP Mobility Program Student Grants. Where there are more applicants than grants available, low SES status will be taken into account and then academic average mark in the student's current course of study.

Please note that students who are awarded a NCP student grant will not be eligible for a Vice Chancellor's Global Mobility Scholarship for the same study period. 

Eligible Host Locations
  Aoyama Gakuin University
  Doshisha University
  Gifu University
  Hokkaido University
  Hosei University
  Keio University
  Kobe University (Law)
  Kwansei Gakuin University
  Kyoto City University of the Art (Visual Arts)
  Kyoto University
  Kyushu University
  Nagoya University
  Rikkyo University
  Ritsumeikan University
  Sophia University
  Tohoku University
  Tokyo University of the Arts (Visual Arts)
  University of Tokyo
  University of Tsukuba
  Waseda University

Student Grants available:             
  2018 12 student grants  
  2019 16 student grants
  2020 20 student grants
Value:  $7,000
Eligibility Criteria

A Student participating in a Mobility Project must:
be an Australian citizen. Students cannot receive a Student Grant to undertake a Mobility Project in a Host Location in which they have dual citizenship or residency rights;
be enrolled at the University of Sydney throughout the duration of your Mobility Project;
be enrolled in a Bachelor Degree or Bachelor Honours Degree at the commencement of the Mobility Project;
aged 18–28 at the start of the Mobility Project, with capacity to include some students over 28;
not have already commenced a period of overseas study in the same Host Location as the Mobility Project; and
not receive more than one NCP Short-term and one NCP Semester grant (with or without an internship) during their Australian course of study.