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University of Sydney Gap and First Year Study Abroad
Sydney, Australia (Outgoing Program)
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Program Terms: Semester 1,
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Every year, hundreds of students from around the world are welcomed to the University of Sydney through our Study Abroad program.  Some come for our academic reputation while others wish to experience our vibrant student life bolstered by our guaranteed housing and unique Internship Program.  Whatever the reason, join us and find out why we’re Australia’s favourite option.
About us
Our rankings reflect our achievements as a world leader in research and education for more than 160 years. Ranked in the top 50 in the world and top 5 in Australia in the QS World University Rankings, the University of Sydney is one of the country’s leading-research intensive universities, and oldest member of the prestigious Group of Eight.

Program Details
Students with High School (secondary school) qualification but no host University and students in the First Year of University who are yet to complete any tertiary-level study.  The University of Sydney recognises more than 120 secondary qualifications for entry to our Gap and First Year program.
Semester 1 2018
Intro to Sydney Week: 19th February-24th February 2018
Orientation Week: 26th February-2nd March 2018
Classes & exams: 5th March-30 June 2018

Tuition fee: AUD$12,300 (approx $9,270 USD)
Applications due: 30th November 2017

Short Term 2018
Session A: 26th May-7th July
Session B: 8th July-11th August

Tuition fee: AUD$3,075 for 1 unit of study or AUD$6,150 for 2 units of study
Applications due: 31st March 2018

Semester 2 2018
Intro to Sydney Week: 16th July-20th July 2018
Orientation Week: 23rd July-27th July 2018
Classes & exams: 30th July-24th November 2018

Tuition fee: AUD$12,300 (approx $9,270 USD)
Applications due: 30th April 2018

Choose from over 180 subjects spanning 16 Faculties and Schools, including Arts, Social Sciences, Business, Education, Music, Engineering & IT, and Science.  Check the Academic Information tab for more information on how to find the subjects that interest you.

More details:
View our Study Abroad 2018 Guide
The Bottom Line
The University of Sydney offers the best student experience in Australia coupled with state-of-the-art learning environments and academic support services in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  A Gap or First Year Study Abroad experience is a brilliant way to experience our exciting culture, develop global connections in your chosen profession, and gain a competitive advantage in the graduate employment market.

Partner Universities are recommended to contact Jessica Davis, Study Abroad Coordinator, at for advice on promoting our Gap and First Year Study Abroad program to your students.
Questions from students and questions regarding application instructions can be directed to one of our wonderful advisers:

Students from the USA
Kristin Johnson, Senior Study Abroad Adviser, at

Students from Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Africa
Sarah Nelson, Exchange Officer, at

Academic Information

The way in which you can search for units of study will depend on which program you are interested in applying for:

Semester 1 (mid February-late June) and/or Semester 2 (mid July-late November)
Students are spoilt for choice with more than 180 units of study to choose from requiring no previous University-level study.  The process to choose your study is very flexible and you can request additional units of study right up to the end of the first week of class, providing an opportunity to test and try various options.
Here’s a taste of our most popular units of study for Gap and First Year Study Abroad students:
INDG1001 Indigenous Australia: An Introduction
AMST1001 Global America
GOVT1661 Popular Culture and Politics
HSTY1002 Age of Empires
SCLG1001 Introduction to Sociology
INFO1110 Introduction to Programming
ENGG1805 Professional Engineering and IT
ENGG1000 History and Philosophy of Engineering
EDUF3034 Australian Theatre, Film, and Learning
EDGU1005 Sports Coaching: Theory and Practice
EDUH4052 Learning in Outdoor Education
EDUH4058 Sport and Learning in Australian Culture
ARHT1001 Style and Substance: Introducing Art History
WORK1003 Foundations of Work and Employment
INFS1000 Digital Business Innovation
MKTG1001 Marketing Principles
ECON1001 Introductory Microeconomics
ECON1002 Introductory Macroeconomics
ECMT1010 Introduction to Economics Statistics
EDGU1003 Diet and Nutrition for Health and Sport
BIOL1006 Live and Evolution
EXSS1032 Fundamentals of Exercise Science
GEOS1001 Earth, Environment, and Society
PHYS1500 Astronomy
CLICK HERE for the full list of 180+ options!

Short Term 2018 (Session A 26th May-7th July; Session B 8th July-11th August)
Units of study listed are based on previous program offerings and may change.  Please check back closer to the start of your preferred session for confirmation of which units of study will be offered in each session of the 2018 program.

ANTH1001 Cultural Difference: an Introduction
BIOL2032 Australian Wildlife Biology
ECON1001 Introductory Macroeconomics
ECOP1001 Economics as a Social Science
EDGU1003 Diet and Nutrition for Health and Sport
EDUF3034 Australian Theatre, Film and Learning
EDUH4052 Learning in Outdoor Education
EDUH4058 Sport and Learning in Australian Culture
HPSC1000 Bioethics
HSTY1089 Australia: Conflict and Transformation
IBUS1102 Cross-Cultural Management
INDG1001 Introduction to Indigenous Cultures
INFO1110 Introduction to Programming
INFS1000 Digital Business Innovation
USSC2601 US in the World


Guaranteed Accommodation
We are pleased to be able to offer guaranteed accommodation at our preferred accommodation providers, Queen Mary Building (QMB) and Urbanest.  Students are provided with accommodation information soon after receiving an offer letter for one of our programs.  The guarantee is subject to completing an application process by the deadline set for the program the student will be joining us and specific room types on offer may vary from one intake to the next.
Sydney-QMB1 Sydney-QMB2 Sydney-QMB3 Sydney-QMB4
Queen Mary Building (QMB) is our featured on-campus accommodation option and always a popular option for students.  Enjoy the benefits of your own single room with access to shared bathrooms on each floor, together with lots of opportunities to socialise with your fellow students.  Facilities include a gym, theatre, music rooms, communal kitchen & dining room, lounge areas, 24/7 security staff presence, and more.  Plus there’s a cool rooftop terrace with an AWESOME view of the city!). 
Sydney-Urbanest1 Sydney-Urbanest2 Sydney-Urbanest3 Sydney-Urbanest4
Urbanest is another of preferred accommodation providers and always one of the most popular options with students, with several convenient locations in fun areas that are just an easy 5-15 minute walk to campus.  You’ll have access lots of social and study spaces, a fully equipped gym and yoga room, TV and video games room, coin-operated laundry, and outdoor BBQ create providing heaps of opportunity to get to know students from all around the world. Rooms are fully furnished and rent is inclusive of all utilities and 20GB of internet per month.  All locations have a 24/7 dedicated on-site team, CCTV, and swipe card access for all rooms.

Other Accommodation Options
Sydney is a diverse and exciting city to experience and there are seemingly endless options for where you might like to live.  As you are considering your options, keep in mind that most rents are quoted in price per week and the price can vary depending on a variety of factors, including:
Location (proximity to campus, public transport, and other popular areas
Bedroom style (shared or single room)
Bathroom style (ensuite or shared with other students)
Utilities and internet (sometimes included in the rest, sometimes it is an extra fee)
Application fee
On Campus Accommodation
The University manages several residences where you can enjoy the freedom of affordable self-catered accommodation close to everything you need.  CLICK HERE to check out more information about these University-managed accommodation options.  Get started with your application by clicking the red “Apply now” box on the right side of the page.  If applying to Queen Mary Building, be sure to tick the box in the application to indicate you are a Study Abroad/Exchange student to access the special contract rates and duration.
The University also offers several residential colleges.  Rich in heritage and tradition, every college offers a supportive living experience that will allow you to excel in your studies and enjoy a busy social calendar.  CLICK HERE for more information on the options, including links to each college’s website.  Each college maintains its own application form and students must apply directly to the college they wish to live in.
Off Campus Accommodation
There are also lots of off campus accommodation options that are really popular with students as well – while they are not on campus they are all quite close to the University as well as a range of exciting entertainment, shopping, dining, and public transportation.
Semester in Australia
UniLodge Sydney
TheSTEPS Central Park
Iglu Central
Privately Sourced Accommodation
Sydney is a large city and there are many suburbs that are an easy walk, bike ride, or commute by public transport. It’s a good idea not to make any permanent arrangements for privately sourced accommodation prior to arrival, as it is important to inspect properties before committing to any tenancy agreements.
Where to live?
There’s a range of dynamic and exciting suburbs near the University of Sydney.  From the bustle of Newtown’s King Street to the relaxed village vibe of Glebe, you won’t have to travel far from the main campus to discover the charms of Sydney’s inner west.  Check out the information about surrounding suburbs for a taste of the lifestyle in the area.
Short-Term/Temporary accommodation on arrival
Some students decide to arrange their semester-long accommodation after they have arrived in Sydney.  In this case students often book a hostel for a week or two upon arrival so that they have a “home base” to settle in to while they look for their semester-long accommodation.  The University’s accommodation office maintains a page with recommended options for short-term accommodation.  Past students have also utilised services like Hostel World and Trip Advisor to research short-term accommodation options.  You may also wish to consider homestay-style accommodation for your initial weeks in Sydney.
Other ways to find privately sourced accommodation
Many accommodation options and offers for share houses/apartments can be found on non-University affiliated websites. Check out these house hunting tips for advice including setting a budget, where to search, and knowing your legal rights as a tenant.

Useful Information

Social and Events Calendar
Sydney Abroad hosts a variety of social events for our Study Abroad students.  Our social calendar is not shy of exciting adventures with each semester including a range of activities like:
  • Breakfast with Koalas – private tour of Sydney’s wildlife zoo followed by a buffet breakfast under a Koala canopy
  • Learn-to-Surf Camp
  • Hunter Valley Weekend Away
  • Aussie BBQs
  • Blue Mountains scenic trips
  • ...and much more!
MATES Abroad – Social Mentoring Program
Each semester, hundreds of Study Abroad students opt-in and are paired with enthusiastic Australian student mentors to ease their transition into Sydney life, foster an international culture, and share exciting adventures in Australia together.
The MATES Abroad Program includes:
  • Meeting and connecting with their Aussie mentors, pre-arrival via email, phone or social media
  • Arrival help and support in the initial days/weeks of life in Sydney
  • Travelling on a mode of Sydney transport
  • Experiencing something quintessentially “Australian” together
  • Sharing the mentor’s friends by inviting the international mates to meet more local students
Each mentor participates in a mentor training workshop and provides regular feedback to Sydney Abroad.  Our MATES Abroad Mentors play an integral role in the life of our inbound students as they experience Studying Abroad at the University of Sydney.
Check out our Facebook group for the MATES Abroad program!

How to Apply

Applications for our programs are processed through an online application system.  It it helpful for a student to have as many of the necessary documents ready as they can starting the application.  But not to worry if you don’t, as the application system lets students save and return to your application as many times as they like before submitting the application.
Click the relevant link below for detailed instructions including which documents are needed, how to access the online application form, and a step-by-step walktrhough of the application.  The file to refer to is determined by the program a student intends to apply for:
Gap Year Semester – application instructions for students who have completed a recognised secondary qualification and who want to come for a traditional full semester program in Semester 1 (mid Feb-late June) or Semester 2 (mid July-late Nov)
Gap Year Short Term – an expression of interest form for students who have completed a recognised secondary qualification and who are keen to join us for one of our Short Term programs from late May-early July 2018 or early July-early August 2018.  We will contact interested students to share application instructions as soon as applications open for our 2018 Short Term programs.

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