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University of Birmingham EXC
Birmingham, United Kingdom (Outgoing Program)
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University of Birmingham

Location: Birmingham
Year established: 1900
Student population: 28,700
Founded as the Birmingham School of Medicine and Surgery in 1926, it received its royal charter in 1906 and is continually listed Britain’s Higher Education Awards. In an employability survey published by The New York Times in 2013, Company CEOs and Chairmen placed it in the top 55 universities worldwide in terms of recruitment. It boasts former British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain among its former students.
The University is home to the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, featuring works from the 13th to the 20th Centuries including artists such as Monet, Van Gogh and Picasso. It also houses the Lapworth Museum of Geology, the Cadbury Research Library – home to rare book and manuscript collections.
Unique Characteristics
The University of Birmingham offers one of the broadest program ranges of any university in the UK. In recent years has built up its business and management schools.
Birmingham has transformed itself from the grim industrial city of decades past to one of Britain’s “most happening” cities. Recent additions include a state-of-the-art multi-million library, beautiful restored Victorian buildings and literally hundreds of bars, cafes and restaurants catering to students.

UK University of Birmingham

Academic Information

Course Catalogue 
Information about units of study at the host university.

Subject Area/s: 

Arts and Social Sciences






Social Work

Health Sciences


Exclusions apply: Law students should have a 75+ to go here as places in their Law school are competitive.

Teaching Periods: Semesters/Terms
Autumn Term: September--December
Spring Term: January-March
Summer Term: April-June

Credit (Full-Time Load/Semester)

University of Sydney

Host University


60 credits

The above full-time load is indicative only.
Applications for academic credit are assessed by the relevant University of Sydney faculty/department based on: study load, contact hours, assessment requirements and level of study.

Grading System
First – 70-100
Upper Second– 60-69
Lower Second– 50-59
Third – 38-49
Fail – 0-37

Transcripts Issued by Partner
One original hard copy will be sent to the student's home address. However the student must give special access to their USyd Exchange Adviser for them to view their electronic transcript(s). Instructions will be provided by your USyd Exchange Adviser.



Language of Instruction
Classes at the host university are taught in English.
Language Requirements
Non-native speakers of English will need to demonstrate that they meet the language requirements.

UK Birmingham


What is the host city like?
Find out more information about the host city.

Housing options are offered by the host university.
Cost of Living
Use this guide to estimate living expenses associated with studying overseas.

Students are required to obtain health insurance valid during their exchange.

UK Birmingham Canal

Useful Information

For Exchange/International Students
Specific information for exchange students provided by the host university.
Semester/Term Dates
Access the University’s calendar.
Orientation will be held prior to the start of semester.

Support Services 
A range of support services are available to students at the host university. 

Information from the host university.
Information from the United Kingdom Visas and Immigration.

UK Scones

Student Experiences

Jill Tin Kin Wang
Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy), Semester 2, 2016

Host City Highlights
The big shopping centre, night markets every Friday night, day trips from Birmingham to other UK cities, clubs in the city, christmas markets during christmas time.

Uni Life
Many clubs and societies! I participated in Touch Rugby, ballroom dancing, Kung fu classes, wine tasting, real life drawing classes. There were so many opportunities to get involved, and the best part was that I lived only a 10 minute walk from campus!
about 60 students in a class, 10 hours per week. Mainly lectures. Tutorials were 2-3 in a semester. Assessments were mainly assignments/essays/reports. Since I was only there for a semester, my unit coordinators gave me extra assignments to do as I would not be there after the christmas break to sit the exams.
Mainly pub food, like fish and chips and burgers. There wasn't anything very special about British food. Though, the cornish pastries were very good!

I lived in a flat of 18 people, and i shared the bathroom with one other girl. All 18 of us shared the one kitchen. I wouldnt recommend living in a huge housing place like this, as the kitchen got dirty quite quickly, and we didnt have enough cooking space for everybody at the same time. Also, there were only 4 girls in my flat, so the imbalance was a bit annoying. However, I did develop a really close relationship with my flatmate whom i shared  a bathroom/duplex with.

Money Matters 
I didnt work whilst studying. i collected all my receipts and recorded how much i was spending each week. I saved up about 10K for exchange and I felt it was enough. I also made sure I didnt spend too much on eating out or buying things like clothes etc.
Getting Around 
Train! In the UK you can get a railcard which gives you 30% off when you travel by train. (Trainline company). You have to book your seat online in order to get the discount. This applies when travelling to other cities like London or Oxford. Otherwise, the campus was only a 5 minute train ride from the main city centre, and you could take the train or even walk (40 minute walk). Trains came often and were consistent (not many delays).

I visited these places in the UK: Scotland, Ireland, Oxford, Stratford-upon-avon, Brighton, London, and Liverpool. I travelled mainly on weekends. However, I also had days off on Wednesdays, allowing me to do day trips to places like Oxford and Liverpool. These cities were small and you only needed a day to explore them anyway. I recommend keeping an eye out for sales on Ryanair!! You can get really cheap flights to Ireland! You can take a train to Scotland. Book your tickets early! The later you wait, the more expensive it gets.
Top Tips
"- Get involved in a sport! Birmingham is known for its sports clubs and its the perfect way to make new friends!
- I would recommend staying in the ""Oakley Court"" or ""Ashcroft"" Accommodation site. I had friends who stayed here, and they shared the flat with about 6-8 people, whom they became really close with. These sites are also only a 10 minute walk from the campus
- Try new things! Try something new that you haven't before, there is so much to get involved with!
- Buy a railcard when you first arrive!! You'll save so much money! its only 30 pounds, but you get 30% off every trip, so it becomes worth it if you want to travel to other UK cities throughout your exchange. "

Want to read more experiences from the University of Birmingham? Click this link for more.

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