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Universidade Nova de Lisboa E and B EXC
Lisbon, Portugal (Outgoing Program)
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Program Terms: Semester 1,
Semester 2,
Year (Sem 1 & Sem 2),
Year (Sem 2 & Sem 1)
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Program Details:
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Minimum Mark:
65%; Credit
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Postgraduate coursework, Undergraduate
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English, Spanish
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Business School
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Exchange Semester/Year
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Program Description:


Location: Lisbon
Year Established: 1973
Student population: 19,100

Universidade NOVA de Lisboa is the youngest of Lisbon’s three state Universities. It offers a new, fresh approach to education, with an interdisciplinary model and focus on technology. It is internationally recognised for the quality of its teaching and research and is located in Lisbon, the centre of Portuguese culture, business and politics.

NOVA is renowned for its multicultural environment and international outlook – it participates in several mobility programs and cooperates with higher education institutions in Brazil, Latin America and other Portuguese speaking countries. It offers students training in entrepreneurship and prepares them for employment internationally.
Unique characteristics
NOVA offers innovative programs along with traditional fields of medicine, sciences and humanities. It’s considered the best Portuguese school in the finance area and offers one of the most influential international finance programs in the world.
Portugal offers its own distinct culture, heritage and cuisine. It beautiful old quarters, gothic architecture, public baths and majestic cathedrals and museums. You can get lost in the back streets, enjoy a fresh pastry or some wine, or party in one of the numerous nightclubs. The beaches are magical and Lisbon is a famous surf destination, offering two of the best breaks in Europe.

Portugal - UNdeL -Building

Academic Information

Course Catalogue 
Information about undergraduate and postgraduate units of study at the host university

Subject Area/s: Business




Exclusions apply: MBA program not available

Teaching Periods: Semesters/Terms
Fall: September - February
Spring: February - June

Credit (Full-Time Load/Semester)

University of Sydney

Host University



The above full-time load is indicative only.
Applications for academic credit are assessed by the relevant University of Sydney faculty/department based on: study load, contact hours, assessment requirements and level of study.

Grading System
At the host university, grades are awarded in numerical terms, from 1-20. More information on the host university's grading system 

Transcripts Issued by Partner
Transcripts will be available at the end of your exchange period


Language of Instruction
Classes at the host university are taught in English. The Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCSH) organizes a Portuguese language and culture course targeted to foreign exchange students. 


What is the host city like?
Find out more information about the host city

Housing options recommended by the host university
Cost of Living
Use this guide to estimate living expenses associated with studying overseas.

Students are required to obtain health insurance valid during their exchange.


Useful Information

For Exchange/International Students
Specific information for exchange students provided by the host university
Semester/Term Dates
Access the University’s calendar

Welcome Meeting will be held at the beginning of the semester.
Support Services 
The International Office provides services and assistance to exchange students.
Information from the Consulate General of Portugal in Sydney

Student Experiences

Be the first to tell us about your experience at Nova SBE!

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