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Tel Aviv University EXC
Tel Aviv, Israel (Outgoing Program)
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65%; Credit
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Postgraduate coursework, Undergraduate
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English, Hebrew
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Exchange Semester/Year
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Tel Aviv University

Location: Tel Aviv
Year Established: 1956
Student population: 30,000
One of the world’s top universities, Tel Aviv University (TAU) is Israel's largest and most influential institution of higher learning. It’s the most popular among students for its prestige, the quality of its students and the impact of its research. Technology transfer is one of its core activities – it’s been responsible for the development of everything from barcode scanners to bacteria-destroying mouthwash and memory cards.

Located in Tel Aviv, the centre of Israel’s industry, business and culture, TAU attracts the brightest students. It’s involved in more than 5,000 innovative research projects. The campus offers a wide range of cultural and social activities including Campus Thursdays, the last day of the Israeli working week when the weekend is kicked off with various activities such as film screenings. Rock music is performed every Wednesday on the large outdoor lawn in front of the Gilman building.
Unique characteristics
The University has nine faculties, 29 schools and 98 departments and is particularly recognised for its research in brain studies, nanotechnology, environmental studies, bioinformatics, cyber security, Jewish studies and film. Courses taught in English include business, law, security studies, trauma studies, Israel studies and music.

Established just over a century ago, in 1909, by a group of Jewish families, Tel Aviv has grown to become the country’s second largest city and is modern, diverse and international. It’s the centre of Israel’s high tech industry and commerce – it houses the stock exchange as well as nearly 40 per cent of the country's finance and banking industry – and has a vibrant youth culture, immaculate beaches and sun for most of the year. TAU’s 200-acre campus is the lushest and most beautiful in Israel and has numerous famous buildings showcasing Israeli modern architecture and plastic arts.

Academic Information

Course Catalogue 
Information about units of study at the host university

Subject Area/s:

Law (in English)



Liberal Arts

Electrical Engineering


Exclusions apply: Priority for Hebrew & Jewish Studies majors. Access to courses via TAU International Programs is limited as these courses normally attract a fee.
Teaching Periods: Semesters/Terms
Fall Semester: October - January
Spring Semester: March - June

Credit (Full-Time Load/Semester)

University of Sydney

Host University


15 Credits

The above full-time load is indicative only.
Applications for academic credit are assessed by the relevant University of Sydney faculty/department based on: study load, contact hours, assessment requirements and level of study.

Grading System
Grades are awarded by the host university based on the 100-point scale. 

Transcripts Issued by Partner
Transcripts will be available at the end of your exchange period


Language of Instruction
Classes at the host university are taught in English and Hebrew. Some undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Engineering are also taught in English. Modern Hebrew language courses are available.

Language Requirement
Fluency in Hebrew required unless taking Law courses taught in English. Some undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Engineering are also in English.



What is the host city like?
Find out more information about the host city

Housing options are offered by the host university
Cost of Living
Use this guide to estimate living expenses associated with studying overseas.

Students are required to obtain health insurance valid during their exchange.

Useful Information

For Exchange/International Students
Specific information for exchange students provided by the host university
Semester/Term Dates
Access the University’s calendar
Orientation will be held at the beginning of the semester.
Support Services 
The TAU International Office provides services and assistance to exchange students.
Information from the host university
Information from the Embassy of Israel in Australia

Student Experiences

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