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  • Locations: Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Program Terms: Semester 1, Semester 2, Year (Sem 1 & Sem 2)
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Program Description:


Location: Rotterdam
Year Established: 1913
Student population: 22,400
Erasmus University Rotterdam existed in its present form since 1973 but dates back to the establishment of the Netherlands School of Commerce in 1913. It’s known for its high academic standards, strong research record and link to the business world. It’s located in Rotterdam, centre of the Rotterdam-The Hague metropolis and home to numerous multinationals.

Erasmus University is a melting pot of talents and nationalities from all over the world. Like its namesake, Desiderius Erasmus, it aims to train students to be real global citizens. As well as a high quality education, the university also offers a vibrant student life with numerous activities, performances and lectures as well as almost every kind of sport. The campus is new and green, with modern facilities.
Unique characteristics
An internationally renowned research university, Erasmus University has an excellent reputation in the areas of economics, business administration and health sciences, and in law, social sciences, history and arts and philosophy. Rotterdam School of Management is one of Europe’s leading business schools with close links to industry in this renowned trading nation.
The Netherlands is one of Europe’s smallest countries but it has one of the most important economies. It’s known for its high quality education and as a safe country where most people speak English. Rotterdam is the second largest city and has one of the largest ports in Europe. Amid the modern skyscrapers you’ll find plenty of history, a vibrant nightlife and people of all nationalities.

NL - Erasmus U - Campus

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International Business






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Teaching Periods: Semesters/Terms
Autumn Semester: August- January
Spring Semester: February - June

Credit (Full-Time Load/Semester)

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Grading System
10 - Outstanding
9 - Very Good
8 - Good
7 - More than satisfactory
6 - Satisfactory
5 - Almost satisfactory
4 - Unsatisfactory
3 - Very unsatisfactory
2 - Poor
1 - Very Poor
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Language of Instruction
Classes at the host university are taught in English and Dutch.


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