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Announcements : Attend an Exchange Information Session in Semester 2!
Announcement: Attend an Exchange Information Session in Semester 2!

International Exchange Program Information Sessions run from 28 July - 21 October

What is covered in the information sessions?
All sessions will cover important eligibility criteria, registration and application instructions and useful factors for you to consider for your exchange. These sessions will provide an overview of the available destinations and act as a springboard for your research and planning. In addition to the general information sessions, select information sessions will cover specific programs.

Short-term: Short-term sessions will highlight short-term exchange and study abroad programs available during the winter and summer breaks. These short-term programs will run from 2 – 8 weeks, depending on the program and the time of year they run.

Regions: Region focus sessions provide further information about the requirements and opportunities in these regions. 

Faculty-specific: Faculty-specific sessions will highlight opportunities and requirements for students from those particular faculties.

When can I attend an information session?
Information sessions will commence on Wednesday 28 July 2016 and run three times per week during semester through Friday 21 October 2016. All information sessions will run from 12noon to 1pm.
Week beginning Wednesday
Chemistry LT 4
Chemistry LT 1
Chemistry LT 4
25-Jul   General Short Term
1-Aug UK Short Term BIGS (TBC)
8-Aug General Short-term 3pp North America
15-Aug Business (TBC) Science (TBC) Short-term 3pp
22-Aug Post Graduate Europe in English Asian Languages
29-Aug Short Term General European Languages
5-Sep North America UK Architecture (TBC)
12-Sep Engineering (TBC) Short Term General
19-Sep Education/Social Work (TBC) Asia in English Short Term
3-Oct General Business  BIGS 
10-Oct Science  Engineering  Short Term
17-Oct Short Term European Languages Europe in English

Drop-in Advising
Once you have done your research, speak with an Exchange Adviser in person. No appointments are required, however it is recommended you come along with a list of questions as Advisers can only meet for up to 10 minutes per student.
Drop-in advising sessions are available in week 13 and STUVAC on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday in the Abercrombie Business School Building.
Week beginning Tuesday 12 -1pm Wednesday 12-1pm Thursday 12-1pm
24 October (week 13) ABS Collaborative Learning Studio 3090 ABS Collaborative Learning Studio 3190 ABS Collaborative Learning Studio 3090
  Tuesday 12 -1pm Wednesday 12-2pm Thursday 12-1pm
31 October (STUVAC) ABS Collaborative Learning Studio 3090 ABS Collaborative Learning Studio 3120 ABS Collaborative Learning Studio 3120